Things to Know About the Indiana Pouch

When a person has ongoing problems with either incontinence or have had their bladder removed because of cancer, they may have surgery to create an Indiana pouch. This pouch is usually made from part of the colon and from part of the small intestines. It will act like a bladder for the person. An opening will be created called a stoma that they will use to remove the urine from the Indiana pouch.

The patient will need to expect at least a week in the hospital after the surgery for the Indiana pouch. The doctor will have to make a relatively large incision in order to create the Indiana pouch. The different layers of incisions will be closed with stitches that will dissolve, but the outer layer will have to have staples. The patient will also have drainage tubes placed while they are healing from the ostomy surgery.

After several days of healing the staples will probably be removed. The doctor will also remove one of the tubes. The tubes that are left are attached to pouches that will collect the urine output. Once the patient is released from the hospital, they will have to go back to the doctor for another tube removal. The patient will also be shown how to catheterize the pouch to remove the urine. They usually have to do this at least every two hours when they first start.

After the patient has healed more, the doctor will then make sure that the patient does not have any leaks. Once the doctor is certain that the patient does not have any leaks, they will remove the last tube. The patient will then be able to wait approximately three hours before they have to catheterize the pouch to remove the urine. They will also have to make sure that they get up during the night to catheterize the pouch. The patient will also have to make sure that they irrigate the Indiana pouch everyday with sterile water to clean it.

The Indiana pouch is a better option than some of the other types of ostomy surgeries because the Indiana pouch is not located on the outside of the body. It makes it easier to wear clothes and to be out in public. After the pouch has finally expanded all that it will, the patient can wait longer between catheterizing themselves. This can take about six months to be completely expanded.